The Truth About Puerto Rico

The world is putting Puerto Rico like a lazy, third world Country. According to everyone, not living here, we are in a health crisis, food crisis. This is a total lie! We are not fighting hunger, there is no outbreak of virus. Why are we being put down as a country? I will tell you this by observations and study. Puerto Rico is not suffering an extreme crisis. We may in fact be facing a small situation but that does not mean we are in a very extreme crisis. These situations need more attention because our people are at the Malls shopping, we do have some medical services. Yet; despite all the negative news, people take time to spend at the beach, casino’s, theaters, etc.

This economical crisis is due to a few factors. One, we have plenty of malls in operation, taking our local businesses away from commercial locations, making our towns look empty. Second, our people are spending their time and money at the malls and Casinos. Third, we have our local Government taking public funds away from the communities, driving high taxes and making it hard for small mom and pop shops to open, maintain operations. They charge Fee’s for permits, operating license, etc.

We seem to have lost our voices here. What is more difficult and disturbing is the high cost of water, Electricity in the island. Transportation is terrible here as well. We also are experiencing a total financial block from PayPal, outside institutions. Delivery is also blocked, not many people from outside the island want to deliver here. This is an ongoing battle with the hard working class. The majority of us speak fluent English as well.

So why are we being blocked from outside? Businesses need to stay in operation, home businesses as well. Puerto Rico needs more access to the financial world, so that we can progress and maintain our families. I urge everyone to please help our peóple. We are in a desperate need for monthly income. We need business to business connections.