It’s Friday

It’s Friday. The weekend has arrived once again. Today, I will finally start working on recording for my YouTube channel. It will be interesting because I do not have any video equipment, just my cellphone. There is plenty to do this weekend. I’m going to record without any editing. Once Monday arrives, I will have plenty of time to record and hopefully, go live on a frequent basis. I will also update on what is going on in my community.


Thinking About Starting My YouTube Channel

I’ve been thinking about vlogging for my YouTube channel. I Know it has been a long time. Not sure how to start because I’m using a cellphone for recording. Just the thought about losing memory on my phone is enough to put a hold on recording. I’m also trying to find the best editing application to edit my videos. Well, I’m going to start recording because one of my goals is to boost my YouTube channel. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated at this time.