YouTube Subscribers Needed


I am currently working once again on my YouTube channel. Currently I have 21 subscribers. Seeking to boost that amount to 100. Can everyone give me a hand with my new goal? As you can see I’ve updated the banner. Once I reach my goal of 100 Subscribers, I will upload my first video here. It will be added here on my blog for everyone to see. The channel itself is based on my blog, some entertainment and much more.Ā  Your help will be appreciated alot.

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YouTube Video Added

Another update has been processed here on my blog. If you scroll through the side bar widgets, you will notice that I have moved the Social links up, as well as the buy me a coffee link. As a bonus, I’ve added a YouTube video on the side bar. It’s relaxing music to release stress. If the YouTube link works well, I will be updating that link with updated videos. I’m hoping that this small change will work. Any feed back will be appreciated very much. I will be back shortly!!