Can The World Unite For Peace?

It is sad to hear news about other parts of our world being destroyed by greed, violence and not enough love. People are really fighting to keep food on the table for their family. This is horrible. We cannot let others suffer from hunger or violence. Everyone has a right to have a decent place to live, have enough food to survive, have access to medical assistance, education and a secured community. Where has common sense gone? We need to start taking more responsibility for our actions towards others. Our society has been split by greed and racism. This needs to STOP ALREADY! Getting along should be a priority in order to bring peace to the world. This is one planet and we breathe the same air.

Can the world Unite For Peace?

Of course we can unite for peace. It takes the effort of only a few people who do have feelings enough to make a difference in someone elses life. Start with your neighbor. Find our what they need and give them a hand. Use the power of kindness to make a difference in your community. Love can spread, no matter what your religion or Political views. Love has only one solid meaning. To get along and be kind to each other. Respect each other in many ways. Let us connect here and make a difference in each others lives.

Let us all unite for one common cause and that is world peace!