Making Important Changes To My Blog

At this time I am making some important changes to my blog. As everyone can see, I’ve updated the lettering on the title, changed the post lettering as well. Right now I am also changing the banner, removed the message logo. I am looking to make this blog more accessible and easy to navigate. I know many of my readers, visitors and fellow bloggers are using a cellphone or similar device, so I know the struggle of navigating, reading a blog on small screens is difficult. This change is very important for the sake of my visitors. I am looking to do some changes with the side bar. I will also be adding a service page to announce my services for hire. Please be patient as I work on this project of upgrading this blog.


New WordPress Editor

Ok; so now I am testing the new editor called “Blocks”. WordPress is making some changes. It looks cleaner and convenient. I’m writing this post on the new editor. Hopefully, I will get used to it or it is option number one “Classic Editor”. So far it is working great. If you are a blogger, give it a try. I think I will be using this new editor for awhile and see how it performs. I am used to the classic version.

The Challenge Is Near

November is getting closer and I’m excited because this coming month there will be a new challenge. A 40 day challenge requested by my wife. She enjoys this to the fullest. I am looking forward to November 1st.

These challenges are a great way to build esteem, create a much needed habit as far as blogging goes.

Another writing adventure is coming and I’m ready for the mission. Mind you, that I’m writing from a cellphone. So this mission will be enough to test me for sure. Wish me luck!