Puerto Rico On Target – Maria Headed Our Way

Puerto Rico seems to be on target with these storms. The island cannot take it anymore. There are residents who have lost everything, while others are doing well. It’s like a 50/50 situation. Let us hope that these storms passes by quickly and far away. Puerto Rico is still recovering from Irma. Only time will tell. 


All Residents Of Puerto Rico Can Add My Zello Local News – Join The Efforts To Communicate

My fellow friends and family in Puerto Rico can find the Zello application on their cellphones and add the local news. It was created for my community in case of an emergency. Feel free to join… 

Let us all stay updated via this Walkie Talkie. Your safety and your neighbors depend on full open communication.

Hope to hear from my neighbors in Puerto Rico..

Wednesday Will Be The Day 

Wednesday morning at 4am, Puerto Rico will start feeling the first winds of this historical hurracane Irma with Category 5. This is a very dangerous storm. Irma will be hitting our island directly. Local Government has issued “Mandatory Evacuation” for residents near coastal lines and areas with a high risk of major flooding. Today is and was the last day for any emergency preparation. 

Residents of Puerto Rico are urged to take precautions with these high winds, heavy rains due to flooding, down electrical wires, debris, etc. Using common sense is vital here. Our main goal is to survive this major storm. All communications might be down. Let’s work as a community and make sure that we pass this storm with confidence, lots of positive energy. 

Irma Category 5 Headed Our Way

This is a very dangerous situation. Our communities need to stay on ALERT! Puerto Rico is not ready for a category 5 hurracane. This is scary my friends. Let us all stay active and ready for this historical moment. Eyes and ears on Irma. Family and friends are urged to stay indoors once Irma reaches land. Please be prepared for the next 24 hours. 

Hurricane Irma Is Very Close To Puerto Rico

We cannot let our guard down with this current storm. Puerto Rico has been through so much lately. Irma’s current position has many people in panic mode. Currently our electrical system has been weak. There is much concern over the status of our communities infrastructure. Our economy cannot withstand anymore damage. Who is willing to help Puerto Rico in case of disaster? If we lose our electricity due to Irma, we might not have service for a few months. This is not a joke my friends!

Let’s keep our eyes open on Irma. I myself, along with my wife are trying to stay on alert. Any donations via PayPal link here will be appreciated to cover any lost food and have emergency kits in place. 

I will be updating this blog soon on our current situation with Irma. 

Prayers for my family and friends in Puerto Rico

Hustling In Hot Weather

This week has been insane. I’ve been working on so many issues. Trying to keep everything in order. Money does not come that easy. You have to work hard for what you want in life. Of course, we must learn how to be firm with any business dealings in order to progress and get paid. So, hustling in hot weather is a must. Dealing with all sorts of stuff. Progress is evident. So is that bank account. 

Almost Back To The Blogging World

It’s raining here in Puerto Rico. Plans must change due to the current weather condition. I’ve been out of touch with blogging due to all medical updates and business projects, which have been controlling my schedule. This month has been hectic for sure. I am hoping to ease up on these appointments so that I can get back to blogging. Let’s see what happens in the next few days. I do hope everyone is doing great!