Urb Magnolia Gardens Bayamon Left In Total Darkness

A Community Left In Total Darkness

We must be aware that many people are still in total darkness. Many residents are elderly, children as well are caught in this disaster. 

Many residents in this part of the Municipality do not have access to electrical plants. Refrigerators are empty. The situation has taken everyone into an emotional state. 

The main question here is simple!

 When will Urbanizaci√≥n Magnolia Gardens Bayamon see lights? The damages are minimal here. Everyone else have Electricity, except this part of Bayam√≥n.

The local AEE (Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica) has a responsibility to provide answers as to why this part of our Communities is being ignored!

Please share this post! It is very important for our communities to be heard in times of crisis. 


Residents In Total Agony 

Many residents in Bayam√≥n Puerto Rico are still suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The local AEE ( Autoridad de Energ√≠a El√©ctrica) has not till this day establish service.  One of the areas affected is Urb Magnolia Gardens Bayamon. Many children, elderly, patients with medical needs live in this area and yet since Hurricane Maria, have not received any response from the local AEE. The main question here is simple! When will Urbanizaci√≥n Magnolia Gardens Bayamon receive Electricity?