Puerto Rico Up and Running

We have been facing a serious situation with all communications. At this time we have access but limited. This morning we received water service. Electricity is still out of service. Food is limited but we are trying to stay afloat. I will be updating sooon.. 


Great News From Puerto Rico

Electricity has been established in BayamĂłn and many other Municipalities. Businesses are running on normal schedule. Even though the electrical system is not working at 100%, we have and will be coming back to a normal life. One week without electricity is horrible. Hopefully things will get back on track. 

Great News – Water Service Established

As of this morning, we have water service established. The Municipalities are coming together in an awesome way. Hopefully the electrical service can be restored soon. Puerto Rico residents are very strong. We can overcome any situation. 

No Electricity and No Water In Puerto Rico

At this time in Paradise, Puerto Rico is suffering a major outage with Electricity and water. This situation can be devasting for anyone who does not have an electrical plant. Food supply is short. Many families have refuged together but we are currently on a limit. Personally I have not traveled to nearby streets to asses the damages due to fuel consumption. I urge my fellow bloggers and friends to donate to my PayPal that you see here. It says Can You Buy Me A Coffee. These funds will help us very much on a personal level. 

I will update again soon… 

It’s Sunday – Time To Relax 

Well, the weekend has gone by fast. It is Sunday March 5th. Finally updated all my pages, groups. Getting ready to have breakfast. I’m going to relax today even more. Tomorrow will be another busy day. 

I’m going to work on my live video feed on Facebook, Periscope. Everything needs to be given full consideration before I go live. This is something new for me. 

YouTube Subscription Update

I would like to thank those who have subscribed to my channel. I’m looking forward to reaching 100 Subscribers. Once I reach my goal, im going to start my 7 day video Challenge. So please support me and my goals, it means so much to me.


I’ve Been Thinking About Adding My Native Language 

It’s been a constant thought that has me wondering alot. But I’m concerned about it as well. You see, I live in Puerto Rico and not many people speak English, my plan was to add a category for my fellow residents who only understand Spanish. Everything here on my blog will stay the same. I’m interested in focusing on my community. So adding my Native Language will bring my neighbors, local community together here on my blog. 

In the new category I will be posting in Spanish. I’m not going to stop posting in English. Basically I’m going to divide my blog from Spanish and English. It will be mixed. I want your advice as to this small change in my blog. Would you, as my English followers be willing to see post in both languages? Meaning, I will be breaking up the post. I’m thinking of dropping three post a day to two a day. But it’s just a thought. Let me know what you think. I’m going to start my plan soon because my local community needs a real voice. So adding a Spanish category will help alot. Feel free to leave me a comment on this change.

Thank You my fellow bloggers and visitors!!