Windows 7 Professional Won’t Update

I’ve been working hard this weekend, trying to update my computer. The keyboard is acting up, freezing a few keys. I’ve done everything to fix the problem but with zero success. It has come to my attention that it might be the operating system itself.

I have an Acer Aspire 5335. Never had issues until this weekend. Important updates were requested by Microsoft.

Then the unusual occured. The operating system gave me a 7601 issue, stating that it was not an original copy. Very odd because I have a product key associated with the current operating system.

I guess that an upgrade is needed asap. Now my computer is sitting useless, while my work gets back tracked once again. I’m not sure what is the next option as I keep researching the internet for a real solution.

By the way! The windows anytime upgrade indicated that the product key was outdated.

I guess that a new product key is required in order to continue the update but where can I find the current product key?

My computer is running on 32bits.


Life Continues As Normal

Despite all the craziness since Hurricane Maria, I can assure everyone that life continues as normal. The malls are reopen. Businesses are operating as usual. Food supply is average. There are no complaints beyond the current situation we are facing with Electricity. But everything is going pretty well here. I’m actually looking forward to having access to Electricity once again at home.