In Total Desparation 

It has been more than 60 days since Puerto Rico got hit by Hurricane Maria. The devastating effects after the historical event has many Municipalities in total darkness. Many people are suffering due to lack of water and electricity. The challenge here has been very difficult, in fact, my experience with this current situation has brought up many thoughts which have been inflamed by the lack of response from our local Government. 

As we sit and wait, everything that is going on around us is floating like a balloon without direction. 

It has been very hard because without electricity, we do not have access to our daily consumption of food. We live on limitations. 

Cellphone Signals are aweful, battery charging has become a mission. It cost more to charge our cellphones because the only access is at the mall. 

Our Communities future depends at this point on the local (AEE) Autoridad de EnergĂ­a ElĂŠctrica to fix our power grid and get our communities lights turned on. 

Everything we do here has become a challenge but life continues with Desparation! 


A Beautiful Saturday Morning

Today we wake up from total darkness to a bright sunny day. It does give us hope for a brighter future. Our communities are suffering but we keep living day by day. The weekend has arrived! 

Errands Running Smoothly

Well, I’ve been busy since this morning. I left the house at 6:30am, waited for the public bus. I can say that today the public transportation has been on time. Giving me just a few hours to finish running errands. Today has been a productive day indeed. Now it is time to eat, I’m hungry. 

An Adventure At The Dentist

Good morning, today I’m actually at the dentist. Another adventure indeed. This is my second visit here. I’m second on the list. The office is empty. Taking care of my health has become a priority at this time. I’m not letting myself go, because the health care system at this time is off balance. So, I have to make sure that I get an update on my health before it’s too late. Anyway, I’m here waiting to be called in. I will update later on during the day. Hope everyone enjoys their morning. 

Favors That Turn Into Abuse

I’ve noticed that many favors have turned into abuse. It is ok to perform some favor but many people take it to the extreme.  Over time these small favors end up costing more than anything. The cost of performing any favor all depends what the person needs. This abuse comes along the business route. Clients who do not want to pay are always asking for a favor. In a legit business, these favors will destroy any business. These people who try to scam others through the (I am in need situation) when not in need, tend to blame all factors on the person they are asking favors from. Favors that turn into abuse!

Everyone involved in a situation like this will know what I am writing about. These people have become bullies, they tend to keep their anger at us for no apparent reason, when we are in fact 100% correct, when we ask for payment for our services. These situations bring us to a point where certain people must be ignored and blocked because they only come into your life-like a running train without brakes. This is the only way to put a stop to this situation. No other solution can bring results. We do not accept any kind of abuse! Life will continue as normal without any stress.

A Community United 

We have been inflamed over so many problems facing our communities. The citizens of Puerto Rico are divided by Politics. We have red, blue, etc. The community can prosper if the Political addiction would be left alone. Meaning, we would progress if Politics was left out of every decision that is critical to the future of our people. A community United is the only way to bring back a normal life to our suffering society. Let’s start a new life by uniting as a community. In Peace and Harmony, we can overcome all current situations. Puerto Rico can and will conquer all current situations. 

We Will Succeed 

We must work together in order to maintain a steady balance in our communities. I’ve been having this thought that can and will help us all. Everyone is unique but is programmed by main stream media that they are different. It seems that we are living like robots, which have to be pre-approved. Society is built on hatred and greed. Can we change that? Of course we can change that.

We have a responsibility to help each other grow. Disconnecting from Political craziness is the first step to success. If in dought, join my group for discussion on issues affecting all of us. The poor people are the ones who are always ignored and pushed to limits. let us focus on the real issues at hand and fix them together. 

We will succeed!