Updated My Blog

It has been such a roller coaster lately. I have updated my widgets. Reordering them for easier access. Some widgets stayed in the same position. The header was changed for now until I take a photo and upload it. The page section stayed the same for now. I have to figure out what to add. You will see the PayPal (Buy Me A Coffee) link way on top of the widget sidebar. If anyone is willing to be kind and help me by sending me at least $1.00 to buy me a coffee. This will help maintain my sanity so that I can bring you more interesting content. It will be much appreciated. I will be up and running shortly as I have to get a few things done.


Sharing Option Keeps Disconnecting

I’m not sure what is going on with WordPress but the Sharing option will not share any post. It keeps disconnecting from all the available accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). These accounts are acting up lately. I have to reconnect every time that I log into WordPress. Google+ keeps changing my settings from Public to private as well. Technical issues should be a priority for these companies if they want to keep a steady flow of income and clients. I am not upset but concerned at how many times I’ve been disconnected from sharing my post. Enough is Enough!! I am sure that this can be fixed as soon as possible. Please bring back the sharing option to normal.






Technology Lost – Self Driving Vehicles

Everyone has read about the new technology that allows vehicles to self transport?

I’m actually amazed at how these billionaire businesses strive to waste money on stuff that will not improve our way of life. Technology has been used for the wrong reasons. Self driving vehicles are dangerous because the roads are not built for them and humans are not going to adopt a habit of avoiding a vehicle with no driver. 

Thief’s might also take advantage of this situation. Since nobody will be behind the wheel. In case of a medical emergency, this technology will not be able to save a life by transporting the sick passenger to a local hospital.

There are so many negatives with self driven vehicles. Society will become more lazy, combined with an increase in boredom and depression. 

This brings a whole new level for Mental Health Services. Technology is lost. 

Hard Cover Books – The Real Learning Experience Has Been Lost


Times have changed since 1991-1994, when I was in High School. I remember when the teacher gave us an assignment for an essay. We had to go to the School library or local community library in order to find information. Back then we did not have full access to the world-wide web, like we have today. Work was ten times harder because not only did we have to read a book, we had to write everything in a number 2 pencil. Mistakes can be erased. Today with all the technology, there is a much faster way of finding information, just write what you’re looking for and in one second you have enough information to investigate for your current essay.  Learning was a real process back then, only if children today knew how hard it was to really have education, the real sacrifices we made, just to write a 500 word essay. Times have changed!!

Technology Is Killing Our Future

Technology is great because we have easy access to social media. Cellphones make it easy to communicate with one click. But we are seeing a total divide among our communities. Everyone is connected and never pay attention to what is happening around them.

We are constantly changing our future with advanced technology. Many people do not have this access at all, making it hard for them to stay up to date with advancement. Robots are taking over the world. This will change the course of humanity as we see it. I’m not sure what time and when but this change is becoming real.

Businesses are automating everything, causing people to lose their jobs. This world needs to change back when technology was only a vision.

Playing Around With Google+ Settings – A Sharing Battle For Publicity

Sharing post from WordPress to Google+ Publicly has been a huge battle. Let’s see if the changes I made will make me win this battle or else I will have to sadly disconnect Google+ from my WordPress Sharing settings. Google+ seems like a good platform for sharing but needs more work. It does have too many errors and limited access for us to change settings and work around the platform. Hopefully things will change so that we can share our post on their platform.

Help Me Out here Google!!

WordPress Widgets Are Not Working

For the past 48 hours the WordPress widget for FaceBook and Twitter have not been working at all. I have deleted the widgets, replaced them with zero luck. I had to remove these widgets because they are not showing up clearly on my side bar. I do hope that WordPress can find a solution to this problem because I need to stay connected to my other Social Networks. I will be adding the Widgets again tonight to see what happens.