Every Change Affects Us All

Of course that our elected officials are trying to make changes to everything that has affected us all in a personal level. These changes are critical in order to balance the economy. The Government has spending limits has well. With our tax money at a total risk, we do need to make these changes and start focusing on adjusting our own living habits. Our habits determine what the future holds. In my personal view, there is too much change going on, these changes being made all at once is driving people insane. Our society needs to calm down more. All these protest, violence and pointing fingers will never solve anything.

First of all, we need to learn how to solve our personal problems first before diving into another persons life. Every change affects us all. Decision making is very complicated when we have such a divided Country. If we were united as one, all these changes would be solved and everything would be as normal as being born. If in fact we want changes the right way, we must change ourselves first. One of the biggest debates is our healthcare plan. I will tell you this, people abuse their own bodies on a constant basis.

  1. Smoking
  2. Illegal drug usage
  3. Taking Selfies near a cliff
  4. Kissing a Shark
  5. Throwing yourself off an airplane
  6. Eating unhealthy
  7. Living in a dirty or cluttered home
  8. Driving at high-speed while drinking, texting or going live on Social Networks

There is a longer list of bad habits and each person knows exactly what those habits are. So in other words, the healthcare plan needs serious adjustments. Not everyone should be covered by other tax payers if they are on a self-destructive mode. These people who abuse their bodies should pay for healthcare out of their own pockets. We need to save money (Our Tax dollars are being wasted on things that we do not need).