StateHood or Not – Nothing Will Change

In reality we are facing the same issues no matter what status will be chosen for Puerto Rico. The United States is and has always faced a financial crisis, so a status will not change anything here in Puerto Rico. What our island needs is more business connections, more private investors. We need to change our current Political Status by opting out our current corrupted Politicians and replacing with honest people who are willing to work for the people of our island. Our island needs to have its communities reorganised and rebuild its infrastructure for a better future. Money needs to be placed in specific areas in order to see growth. Our island also needs to get rid of these Government contracts that are actually destroying our people, our Communities. This is something that nobody is aware of.

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island. We are a territory of the United States. So what is the real issue with our people? Puerto Ricans need to act upon the issues facing us right now. We need reinforcement with employment. We need to open local businesses and pay our taxes on time.  Our voices need to be heard and taken seriously here!

Let us educate ourselves more in order to rebuild a new and improved Puerto Rico. We can change only and when we decide to educate ourselves to be respected by others. This is our island, which needs our full attention. Puerto Ricans leaving the island should take responsibility and send assistance with FUNDS to those who cannot leave the island. Let’s open the doors to real business and take back our lost island. Que VIVA PUERTO RICO!!!