Puerto Rico Needs Your Help – The Struggle Is Real (SOS)

We are running out of time here in Puerto Rico. Our financial system is getting out of control. It seems that the local Government is trying to keep our communities broke. The private sector has seen a boost in income but money gets thrown at our Governments, high cost of electrical, water bills. Adjustments need to be made but our people need assistance from the outside. Meaning that we need financial assistance in order to open and maintain businesses. I for one have been struggling to maintain my investment group. It has been a constant battle because everyone is afraid to invest.

Donations are helpful because it balances our needs, I have added a donation button on my Facebook Fan Page (Shop Now). We have bills to cover here and the local community is afraid of doing real business. We are loosing health coverage, etc. SOS has been activated on my part. My wife and I are struggling here in Puerto Rico. The only way to balance our cost of living is by having available donations and investors.

One thing that keeps us going is our positive attitude. We have been through so much here in Puerto Rico. It is time for us to really disconnect from Politics and start working on our business goals. Your help would be appreciated so much. Many families here in the island do not have the funds to travel and leave for a better future. Services and Goods needs to be established here all the time. Businesses need assistance in order to keep their doors open.

Please give me a hand! With a small donation, I can establish myself here. We need to protect our roof, our food supply. I am turning my blogging into a full-time business in order to protect my family from loosing everything. Life in Puerto Rico is not easy, we all struggle to keep bread on the table day by day.

We do not ask for much, we only ask for a small change to protect our food supply and roof…