Fear – A Mental State Of Mind That Ruins Our Chances Of Being A Part Of Society

There are times when we fear so many things in our lives that we tend to sit back with constant frustration, thoughts running wild, like a bull. Fear-A Mental State of mind. We are caught in situations where the darkness has become our friend. I know that there are people who lock themselves in their room.

This type of behavior causes people to become antisocial. Fear holds us back from talking to people. Holding back your communication because of fear needs to change. We all fear something in our lives. Nobody is perfect here. It does not matter where you come from. Fear controls our daily thoughts.

If you want to gain control of your life, you need to get rid of fear and join our society. 

Nothing can stop us from moving forward with our lives. Working together can solve any issues affecting our daily living. So next time you become caught in the web of fear, remember that fear can be eliminated. Fear is a state of mind!