Does Slavery Exist In Puerto Rico?- A Modern Day Slavery Among Us

Why are people so consumed in their own agendas? I have been observing how people act around others. There is an abundance of people who live above others, they seem to be living the rich life style without even inching a penny close to being rich. These people live with a mind-set that they are better than anyone else. I’ve had the opportunity to experience what it is to be living day by day, struggling for food and a roof over my head. I know for a fact that it is not easy to survive. My main concern is simple. Does Slavery Exist in Puerto Rico?

I do believe that it does exist because I have experienced the true effect among people who come into my trusted circle. The sad reality of this situation is the fact that these people might not be aware that they are performing acts of Slavery. Mind you that what has fallen here is the type of class. The rich vs the poor! There are so many signs to bring me to this conclusion that Slavery does exist and race is not the issue. The issue here is “Mental”. The mentality that I am better than you are is brought right into the front lines for everyone to notice. This is wrong in so many levels. Friends who are better than you need to STOP and think twice. Nobody is above anybody in this world.

Money does not make a Man a Man or a Woman a Woman. This only makes them live in a fantasy world without knowledge of reality and what life is really about..