Patients Under Leaks

Puerto Rico Hospitals Need Maintenance

Visiting a hospital should be a secured, safe place. A place where infections are supposed to be under control. One of the main priorities are the safety of the patients and employees.

Should a hospital director be required by law to maintain it’s property?


Never Change A Christmas Light Bulb While Connected To The Electrical OutLet – Safety First


Now that we are getting close to Christmas, those that celebrate it will and have been decorating with Christmas lights. This is the time when accidents occur more often. These bulbs tend to go out when unexpected. Once the bulb is out, we need to change them but it is wise to disconnect these lights from the electrical outlet before performing any change of bulbs. You can cause a fire, serious shock or even death. When it rains, it is also wise NOT to touch these lights at all. Make sure that you also check the wires for any tear. Tear in wire means THROW AWAY!!

Be careful this Holiday Season! Have fun and enjoy your time with SAFETY in mind.

Happy Fourth Of July

Today is a day to celebrate our Independence. It is a day to spend time with friends, family. It is also a day to bring out the fire works. Please be careful with these fire works as they are very dangerous. Keep them away from your children. 

Enjoy your day and your night in family gathering. I will be. Posting soon. Do not forget about common sense and stay safe.