False Information Is Disturbing

Why do people spread false Information? 

During a crisis we have an increase of trolls in our community. I do not know their motives but spreading false information is disturbing. During a massive black out, people spread rumors of more upcoming black outs. 

It’s terrible how we hear people say, “A friend who works at the company said it”.  My community needs to know the truth behind all information bien spread via internet. People who received this false Information start to respread it. This in turn causes more panic among our communities.

Keep in mind that here in Puerto Rico we have limited resources. We cannot afford bad decisions among trolls. False information will put a person on the edge, especially if they cannot handle an emergency. 

One of my neighbors has a mental incapacity and starts to panic, calling everyone on his cellphone, adding more information to what he received without confirming anything he heard.