Interesting Facts That Most Do Not Comprehend At All About A Strong Marriage

Marriage is a union between two people

When two people combine their hearts to form the perfect union, the relationship becomes a romantic novel. You might think that this only occurs in books and movies but in reality there are couples who have been together for so many years. In these days people do not believe in marriage due to the high cost of living, having children, etc. We must look deep into the hearts of those that show the meaning of true love. The bonding really starts when you are friends. The friendship needs to build its self slowly making a complete circle around the friendship that bonds both together. If a positive friendship occurs, you will see and feel in your heart that you are starting to fall in love.

Falling in love is the most heart fulfilling things you can do in your life. When I met my wife, we started as friends and slowly we started falling in love, until the day of our wedding when the relationship took another road, we bonded so much that we promised each other never to cheat, etc. Our relationship has put us closer, that we even work together. So; how do you keep together a strong marriage?

  1. Open Communication
  2. No Secrets
  3. Keep your Social Networks open
  4. Share your passwords with each other
  5. Introduce each other to friends
  6. Share your friends with him/her
  7. Always say I LOVE YOU and mean it
  8. Hug each other
  9. Walk hand in hand in public
  10. Always take care of each others hygiene
  11. Check each others clothing before leaving the house
  12. Cook together
  13. Wash Clothes together
  14. Share the household chores together
  15. Sleep together at the same time (Turn Off your computer, Cellphone, etc)

Marriage should never be a game, of who wins or loses. Marriage is a bond that needs respect, consideration, compassion and most of all “Each Other”.  Never yell at each other, if things get out of hand, give each other some space and let things cool off.