What I’ve Learned While Disconnected From The Internet

Last night I learned something new. I have learned to shut down the internet. This was done on an emergency bases. It was one of the biggest achievements in my life. Of course I had no internet because there was no electricity. What I learned was simple stuff that we actually take for granted in our lives. Here is a small list of the things that I learned to value as a person.

  • My personal health
  • Common Household responsibilities
  • My Wife ( All the important details of my marriage ) Spending quality time with her
  • Everyday life details like fresh air

We need to learn how to value what we have in our lives. The internet has taken away so much from what we actually work for and wake up to everyday. Small details in our daily lives are totally ignored because we spend 90% of our time connected to the internet. I realised in the past 12 hours that life is special. Personally I’ve missed a few details that really need attention.

Disconnecting from the internet is a wise decision, a simple advice that can also save your personal relationships.

It is a few hours of true meditation, relaxation. Remember that your real friends are close to you, your family needs your support. A few hours off-line will bring back all the lost details in your real life.