Watching Spanish Soaps With My Wife

Even though I am not a huge fan of the Spanish soaps (Novelas), I spend quality time with my wife. She is really addicted to these shows. When your married, sacrifices have a priority in place. This is a big difference in many relationships. Many couples  do not spend quality time with each other. During my entire marriage, I’ve learned so much. Never doubting anything that occurs in the relationship. My wife is like a soldier in the Army, she is tough to the bones. She will be on high alert all the time. I have noticed that she is always two to three steps ahead of me all the time.

The good thing about being married to someone who is 100% dedicated to the relationship is the fact that nothing bothers her. I will tell you this, she is a fighter, a bull. But I love her a lot. We do things together. Everything decision made in this apartment is made by both of us.

We Don’t Hold Secrets

Our cellphone usage is limited. We have two but actually use one. All of our e-mails have one password and she has them all. Both of our Social Networks are fully open to each other. We never close any secrets.

We Travel Together

Of course this is something that we do all the time. We never leave each others side. No we do not get tired of each other.

We Cook Together

This is the part of our marriage that has built a solid foundation because we have been doing it since our first meet up, our first date.

We Work Together

This is something that is not seen with many couples but my wife and I have gotten used to being at work together. Productivity gets boosted this way. This blog is an example of how we work together.

Household Responsibility Is Split 50/50

Everything from cooking to cleaning and paying bills are split 50/50.

Are We Happy With Each Other?

Of course we are happy with each other. Our relationship is built on a solid foundation of trust and confidence. We do not hold any grudges at all. Even though we live in a society which is under pressure, we always keep a smile on our faces.

Building A Strong Relationship Is A Priority

Marriage for some is very scary but it should not be when you both love, honor, trust and have confidence in each other.

Building a strong relationship is a priority!