Past Few Days Of Recovery

It’s been very hard my recovery in  these past few days. I have not been making any updates due to my recovery. I lost my hearing back a few months ago when I was in the hospital. I am slowly regaining my sense of hearing, it’s taking such a long time. I am on antibiotics that is helping a lot. My sleep schedule has been put aside as I keep sleeping odd hours of the day and night. Hopefully I can get back on track. I feel like I am abandoning my followers, my readers. I feel so bad about this.

The loss of hearing has caused some on and off dizziness that has put a hold on my daily activities. The recovery process has been long and slow but I am getting better. I am going to stay updated with my blog once a day at least. This dizziness is bothering me so much. Well, I am going to take my medication soon and hope that I can sit here and write more. I really do not like to stop because I have so much to share with everyone. I will be back soon. Hope that you have a great and productive day.

Stay Positive and Remember to Smile Everyday