Puerto Rico Is Recovering Slowly From Total Darkness

It has been awhile since my last update. Our situation has been on a constant rollercoaster. Many residents are still without electricity. At this point it has been very difficult to charge our cellphones. Internet service is slow but we have been working hard to maintain a connection. Food supply is stable, fuel is also stable. Life continues as we sit in total darkness for the local AEE (Autoridad de EnergĂ­a ElĂ©ctrica) to reach their goal and give our communities Electricity. 

So, far everything has been running smoothly. Electricity has been restored in many parts of our communities, which is great news. 

Hopefully we will have a bright Christmas. 


In Total Desparation 

It has been more than 60 days since Puerto Rico got hit by Hurricane Maria. The devastating effects after the historical event has many Municipalities in total darkness. Many people are suffering due to lack of water and electricity. The challenge here has been very difficult, in fact, my experience with this current situation has brought up many thoughts which have been inflamed by the lack of response from our local Government. 

As we sit and wait, everything that is going on around us is floating like a balloon without direction. 

It has been very hard because without electricity, we do not have access to our daily consumption of food. We live on limitations. 

Cellphone Signals are aweful, battery charging has become a mission. It cost more to charge our cellphones because the only access is at the mall. 

Our Communities future depends at this point on the local (AEE) Autoridad de EnergĂ­a ElĂ©ctrica to fix our power grid and get our communities lights turned on. 

Everything we do here has become a challenge but life continues with Desparation! 

Join My Group 


I would like to invite everyone to join my group. It was created for my community. We can chat and bring issues into the light. Creating a network of people who are willing to make a difference in our communities is a priority. At this time we are facing a huge problem in Puerto Rico, where our communities are in need of attention. Yet, many Government officials are ignoring the call for help!

In our group, everyone can share photos, report any issues affecting your part of the community. 

Let’s bring our voices together and change the future of our communities by joining our group today! 

Hope to see everyone in the group!

A Beautiful Saturday Morning

Today we wake up from total darkness to a bright sunny day. It does give us hope for a brighter future. Our communities are suffering but we keep living day by day. The weekend has arrived! 

Puerto Rico Keeps Moving Forward

Despite not having electricity in our communities, Puerto Rico keeps moving forward. Some people are doing well, while others are still struggling to survive these difficult days. We are consumed by stress and darkness. It has not been easy for the past 50+ days. Our main concern is (Electricity).  Without electricity we cannot do much. We are limited in our daily living routines. We will overcome! 

Puerto Rico In Total Blackout

Well, today we got hit with a blackout throughout the island. What else can go wrong in a current crisis? The local AEE (Autoridad de EnergĂ­a ElĂ©ctrica) has been working hard to restore service. Hoping for a full recovery with our communities electrical crisis. 

Lights On In Puerto Rico 

Great news! We are seeing traffic lights in action. Streets are illuminated on main roads. We have not seen any electricity in local homes as of yet. Many businesses do count with Electricity at the moment in BayamĂłn, Puerto Rico. 

Hopefully we will regain a normal life once we have electrical service in our homes as well. I’m actually trying to keep connection as much as I can at this point in time. So far we are in progress to full recovery here.