Financial Crisis – The True Disaster 

Living in Puerto Rico has become a real challenge. The island is suffering from a financial crisis. Personally, I’m feeling that crisis. Income is very limited, food has been limited in my apartment. Situations arise without notice. At this time my wife and I are waiting for the landlord to fix the apartment. Basically, we are living in an uncomfortable manner due to the fact that we lost our furniture, all because of the termite situation. We are waiting for the landlord since the 30th of last month. I’m a struggling blogger. It has not been easy for me to log in as well, trying to save battery power on my cellphone for emergencies. 

There has been many issues accumulated within time. Life here is not easy at all. I’ve created a GoFundMe account in order to raise funds for the current emergency. I’m going to try and add it to the side bar. I’m actually hoping for a positive change in my circumstances. My wife has begun to feel depressed with everything that is occuring here. I will keep focusing on writing. 

The challenges we face are a true test of our mental stability


The Lost Community

Violence is never the answer. We are living in a world filled with hatred. It’s actually sad to see people fighting against each other. Especially when they share the same land, same air. Protesting against the Government desicions will always be a waste of time and energy. Nobody has learned anything in School? Adjustments must be made in our daily lives in order to keep up with the changes our Government makes. Hopefully people will wake up to reality and focus they’re attention at fixing the issues with their families, instead of focusing on Political views that will never progress.