Uniforms Create Positive Code Of Conducts

School Uniforms Schools have a huge problem that brings in bullies, negative esteem, etc. Boys and girls dressing like if they were in the street or at home are a bad combination.

Many Schools have a dress code but nobody cares about it. Teachers and staff should also abide by the dress code, they lead by example. What kind of society are we living in when female students dress very provocative and male students dress like if they were at the beach? 

Did you know that uniforms are a way to show discipline, respect and self-worth? 

Youth today are influenced by social media, games and other peers. A true code of conduct can change everything we see today in Schools, this code of conduct can also affect how they perform outside of class. I am sure that these Schools that enforce their dress code with uniforms have a low rate of abuse among the students. Schools need to change how they operate because that is where everybody learns. So learning to respect their bodies and others should be a priority with the School Administrations. Schools do not need permission to have a strong policy in place, it builds better students and a safer environment within Schools and in the communities.

Saving Lives Should Be A Priority Among Schools and Our Community