A Nation Divided

Good Morning

Last night we had the first Presidential Debate of 2016. With only two candidates running for the White House, the entire Debate was full of zero productivity for our future as a Country.

We are a Nation divided! 

Our main concerns were not put into play at this debate. The questions were directed more into the economy. Right now the number one issue is security and the rise in hate crimes. Yet, these issues were not a factor last night. 

The debate was more a Political gain than a gain for our communities. Our communities need attention and it’s falling apart because these Politicians are focused more on their own ego than in our community needs.

Maybe if the questions were directed onto the crisis of our communities, these Candidates would have not thrown the book at each other. It’s time to think as a community and bring a Nation that is divided back together. 

Our communities need to STOP focusing on Politicians and start helping each other locally. 

We are one Nation, we are brothers and sisters United.