American Citizen – Human Rights Don’t Exist

We have fallen deep into an abyss of what is right or wrong. Illegal means breaking the laws of the land. American parents are going through tough and emotional rollercoaster due to the separation of they’re children. So why are the debates in favor of the illegal immigrants? Human Rights are not considered here for American familes.

I’m an American citizen, a parent who was forced to give up my rights as a parent. (New Jersey). I never broke a law.

We are living in a world where everyone is focused on the wrong issues. Our community has been destroyed by lack of compassion. Our policies are written by people who do not know why they write them, these policies are used against each side of the Political spectrum in order to destroy the other Political side.

This is all about money and Politics. Not HUMAN RIGHTS!


Politics Is Like A Dirty MopĀ 

Dirty Mop Contaminated The Bucket

If we come to the conclusion of the dirty bucket, compare it with the current Political craziness, it is 100% compatible. Politics today is like a dirty mop, dipping into clean water contaminated by the dirty mop. Our communities are the clean bucket full of water. Politicians are the mop, who are dipping into the bucket. 

Politics and Religion Do Not Mix

I read today that the President of the United States wants to open the doors to all Churches and religious groups the right to be involved in all Political views and discussions. Should this be allowed? Will this affect our current Security efforts? The current wars around the world are because of Political views and religious groups divided. If you mix these two, then things will get heated up. People Will be arguing even more. Both religion and Politics should be practiced in the privacy of your home. 

It goes to show where the real interest is with the close attention to these changes. Politicians earn milliones by creating a divide, causing panic and wars. Our society bites the lure Everytime. This is one reason that I do not place any direct view or opinion of what I feel personally. I do post about what is happening but will stay away from voicing my view on a personal level. 

Of course my views are to the point, I just try to avoid a divide among us all. I avoid arguing with people. It’s not worth losing friends or family over something that is simple but complicated for many people. We live in a split society, that does not work on building true friendship and relationships. 

Views and opinions are not respected by people. Some people want to force their religion, Political views among others, which is why we always are at war with each other. So; Politics and Religion should not be combined. 

Let’s bring Peaceā€‹ among us by respecting each other.