Candy Vendors Near Public Bathrooms

Candy Vendors Near Public Bathrooms

Ok, so I decided to go to the mall with my wife, as we started our way through the mall, checking out each store and their sales, it was time for a bathroom break, ummm yes; what you see here is a well set up candy vending. I am amazed because it is clearly right next to the bathrooms.

I candy rush mixed with an urgent break to calm a stomach is yet a great invention on behalf of this malls administration. Great ideas always comes into those who create them. As you can see! Adults and Children are a target for this idea. Administration hit the marketing right on the bulls eye.

I do agree though that they have a great, odd idea but it works. Very well set up, with all the candies in their proper places. Two thumbs up for the owner and the malls administration for this idea.

This is just my opinion and view. Feel free to visit the malls website at: There you will find their direction, mall hours and more.