What Is Wrong With Productivity? Like for Like Has Been Lost In Our Social Networks 

People today seem to get offended over simple stuff like opinions. There is no rule against us from giving an open, respectable opinion. I’m sure that in our society we have started an antisocial movement because nobody is socializing anymore. 

This causes more posts to be abandoned on Social Media. Facebook groups, FanPages, etc are very slow. Social Media was created for people to communicate and share information. This is not the case anymore. 

There is something called “Support”, we need to support each other in order to grow.If you want to succeed, then it is wise to network with others who share the same goals. 

Having FanPages means we share those “Likes”. But people enjoy giving likes on comments instead of on the actual page. Likes have to be given on the Facebook Page. These pages are our advertising area where we share more detailed information. So go ahead and support each other. We all need to grow our networks.