Live Streaming Coming Soon

I am still in the process of Vlogging. Working on my YouTube channel has been a very long mission. One of the major issues here has been the lack of electricity. The electrical service keeps shutting off. The other issue is lack of proper equipment for working on a video project. The only thing with access is my cellphone. Yes; it’s a real challenge using my cellphone. What are your thoughts about going live vs recording video?

It seems that going live on Facebook, Periscope would be convenient for me as a blogger. I want to expand my Thoughts and Views via live broadcast. Even though that my original project is recording video for YouTube. Either way I am working on both the YouTube and Periscope, Facebook Live options. Right now I am thinking of starting with Periscope as I am still working on my self-confidence to go in front of the camera.

The future is in Live Streaming.

So, I do want to expand my blogging to that platform. I am not going to give up on my writing to proceed with live streaming. The live streaming will be associated with this blog 100%. Of course that I will be mixing some entertainment as well. Blogging has become my passion. This live streaming will be the next step for my blogging business. Once the electricity is established, everything will fall in its place.

Today, it is a slow day, trying to put everything in order. The adventures continue. Let’s see what happens next. If you like what I write in this blog, feel free to like, follow my Facebook fan page. Feel free to share any post via the social media links listed here under the post. It will be appreciated very much.

Have an awesome day!!


Good Morning My Fellow Bloggers and Visitors

Today I will be assisting a medical appointment. More of a follow-up to my hearing. I do feel great. Got up early, getting ready to hit the road. Just a quick recap of what I will be working on today. As everyone knows, there has been rumors about Puerto Rico under a Humanitarian Crisis in the making. As a witness, I will be debunking that rumor. I do not like it when people degrade our communities. I will be posting soon on that particular topic. I will also be updating my Periscope and Facebook Live Schedule. If the schedule does not work at this time, I will be broadcasting on a split second notice. There will be many changes as far as open communication with my fellow residents in Puerto Rico.

I want to start opening up to my local community here, so I will be concentrating my efforts a bit more on Periscope, where the majority of residents here are hanging out. There is so much to get done because I also need to start working on paid reviews. It has not been easy as I need to monetize my blog. Well, today I will be a bit busy and am going to talk to people here and see what other information I can gather for my important topic (Puerto Ricans Are Hungry – True or False).

Do not forget to click like on my fan page and follow me on all my social networks which are located here on my blog. Once again, I will be back shortly for another round of interesting post from my Thoughts and Views.