Donations Are Needed 

We are running short on food here. Our current financial situation has been deplited. Jobs at this point are very limited. Trying to work on commission has been rough. The current status with the electricity has put a huge dent in our pockets. 

 Who is willing to give me a hand? 

At this time, I am currently asking for donations via PayPal due to the current situation here. I’m trying to stay connected in order to keep blogging. I have decided to turn my blogging into a full time job. Your donations will help me by purchasing food, rent and Internet as well as the maintenance of this blog. 

I’m going to work as hard as I can to bring more detailed information about my community and it’s progress. $1.00 can go along way. I believe in my followers, fellow bloggers. Please help me out! 

We have been struggling since Hurricane Maria hit our island. It has not been easy to survive in total darkness. I will appreciate your help in this matter. 

SOS From Puerto Rico!!! The donations link is on the blogs sidebar. Please feel free to help!!


Trying To Regain Control 

The struggle continues in Puerto Rico. It has become very difficult to secure any type of work due to the loss of Electricity and the limited access to the internet. I’m feeling disappointed because I have not seen any type of financial support from anyone. A small donation via PayPal can help me very much. This situation has brought me to a negative. Since I do not have access to an electrical plant, all my current income for rent, Internet has gone towards eating out. This situation needs to stop. Rent must be paid, Internet must be paid as well. Income has been limited at this time. I’m asking everyone who has access to PayPal to be kind enough to donate what you can. I’m actually going to appreciate all the donations. 

Right now I’m in the process of trying to get back to blogging. Your donations will help me get back on track. I will be updating via my Facebook page with evidence of the current situation. Puerto Rico has been put on standby because of the local AEE not providing timely service to all the island. The donation link can be found on the sidebar under Hurricane Relief Fund. All donations go directly to my personal account. Thanks! 

Despite Our Current Economical Situation

We are counting the days in Puerto Rico. This is because we do not know where we will stand on this economic situation. At this time over 100 Public Schools will be closing. This is terrible to comprehend. I myself do not lose faith that things will get back to normal. My plans to open my own business is still 100% on the table. I am going to adjust as the day goes by. There is so much to get done here. It is very time-consuming when you are dealt with the wrong cards. With these business projects on stand still, I am forced to modify everything in my plans. Even my current Investment Group needs to be placed on hold at this moment. Keeping a close eye on the local news to see what happens and how we will be able to progress. At this time I only have this blog for a chance to receive some income. I’ve added the Buy Me A Coffee link for my PayPal to see if anyone has a good heart to help me out. There is a bridge that has a road block and I need to reopen that bridge so that I can succeed.

This situation in Puerto Rico can eventually land me and my wife in the streets. I’ve been avoiding this situation for the past few years. Struggling to make ends meet. I will tell you this, it’s not easy to live and work in a Country like Puerto Rico. But I keep going with a positive attitude and a smile. I’m not giving up that easy. I am a fighter like my wife.

Saturday Morning Insomnia 

Good Morning everyone.. 

It’s Saturday already. Time is going by too fast. It has been a long night for me. I’ve been updating my blog, making some important adjustments. I’ve been thinking about upgrading my blog plan. Right now I’m struggling with the Free account. I’m actually thinking of the Premium plan because I need to open up my doors to success. The Premium plan has more to offer at this point. The only way that I can upgrade is by having my Visitors donate to help me buy a coffee. Your donations will provide me with reorganizing my blog. This way I can bring more interesting articles that will be of interest to everyone. Any donation amount will be helpful via PayPal. 


Can You Buy Me A Coffee? 

I’ve updated my blog with a PayPal button (Buy Me A Coffee). This Widget will allow my visitors to help me with a small donation, so that I can bring the best of my Thoughts and Views to the world wide web. My main focus is on my visitors and fellow bloggers, local community. 

Blogging has become Part of my daily routine. Every donation will be appreciated very much. I’m a struggling blogger with a mission to seek the truth. Please be kind enough to buy me a coffee if you enjoy my writing. 


Advertise With Us

We are now offering advertising on our blog. Your ad is not clickable but placed in our gallery. Space is limited to 10 ads. You get a 500×500 ad space for $45.00 per month. All paid via PayPal. Contact me for further details.


The Truth About Puerto Rico

The world is putting Puerto Rico like a lazy, third world Country. According to everyone, not living here, we are in a health crisis, food crisis. This is a total lie! We are not fighting hunger, there is no outbreak of virus. Why are we being put down as a country? I will tell you this by observations and study. Puerto Rico is not suffering an extreme crisis. We may in fact be facing a small situation but that does not mean we are in a very extreme crisis. These situations need more attention because our people are at the Malls shopping, we do have some medical services. Yet; despite all the negative news, people take time to spend at the beach, casino’s, theaters, etc.

This economical crisis is due to a few factors. One, we have plenty of malls in operation, taking our local businesses away from commercial locations, making our towns look empty. Second, our people are spending their time and money at the malls and Casinos. Third, we have our local Government taking public funds away from the communities, driving high taxes and making it hard for small mom and pop shops to open, maintain operations. They charge Fee’s for permits, operating license, etc.

We seem to have lost our voices here. What is more difficult and disturbing is the high cost of water, Electricity in the island. Transportation is terrible here as well. We also are experiencing a total financial block from PayPal, outside institutions. Delivery is also blocked, not many people from outside the island want to deliver here. This is an ongoing battle with the hard working class. The majority of us speak fluent English as well.

So why are we being blocked from outside? Businesses need to stay in operation, home businesses as well. Puerto Rico needs more access to the financial world, so that we can progress and maintain our families. I urge everyone to please help our peóple. We are in a desperate need for monthly income. We need business to business connections.