Finally Going Live

I’m looking forward to finally going live on all my Social Networks. It has been a constant battle for me to press that live button. It is another milestone in my blogging adventure. Where should I start first? Periscope, Facebook, Instagram! As everyone is aware, I’m also working on my YouTube channel. The constant blackout in my area holds me back. This time I’m going to get it done. Any advice for going live would be appreciated.

Keishla Fashion Accessories Live via FaceBook Page

Good Morning. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Puerto Rico. Today is the start of a new adventure for my wife. She will be going live on her FaceBook fan page Keishla Fashion Accessories tonight at 7:30pm. She will be going live in Spanish because she does not know English. If you speak Spanish, live in the United States or Puerto Rico, please help me by supporting my wife on her new adventure. She will be selling Paparazzi Accessories, only $5 plus tax and shipping to the United States and Puerto Rico. Hope to see you there.