Second Live Stream Accomplished

Finished my second live stream on the Facebook fan page for this blog. I will be doing more live streaming as time goes by. Streaming live is not easy. Right now I’m getting the hang of it, very slowly. Feeling much more confident talking to my cellphone. Bare with me. Building my confidence and getting rid of my fear of going live is a priority right now. Hope my next stream will go smoothly.

Facebook Live – Getting Closer

Well, I am getting ready for tomorrow. I will be going live via Facebook fan page. There are so many topics to cover but I will be focusing on me. I would like for everyone to get to know me on a personal level. Feel free to stop by and say; HI. Not sure how long I will be broadcasting. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. Live Streaming has been on my agenda for a while now. Due to so many obstacles and fear, I’ve put that on hold. Your support will be appreciated.

Here is the link to follow and like:

Thoughts and Views 

Hope to see everyone soon..

Finally Going Live

I’m looking forward to finally going live on all my Social Networks. It has been a constant battle for me to press that live button. It is another milestone in my blogging adventure. Where should I start first? Periscope, Facebook, Instagram! As everyone is aware, I’m also working on my YouTube channel. The constant blackout in my area holds me back. This time I’m going to get it done. Any advice for going live would be appreciated.