Causes and Meaning Of Depression

In my previous post I listed the causes of depression. Now we need to focus on their meaning. Without the true meaning, we cannot focus on fixing the problem. So in this post I will be listing the causes and Meaning.

  1. Biology – Certain parts of the brain do not function properly
  2. Genetics – Depression runs in the family
  3. Gender – Women seem to suffer more than men ( Hormonal Changes can be a factor)
  4. Age – All ages, the lack of social support
  5. Health Conditions – All types of conditions can be a factor
  6. Trauma and Grief – Violence, Physical or Emotional Abuse
  7. Medication and Substances – Prescription drugs and Alcohol can cause depression

With some patience, you can gather the proper information in order to pin point your exact problem to your depression. If you fall into one or more on this list, then your on the right track to securing a cure and start a new chapter in your life, filled with happiness and lots of positive thoughts. A new and improved person is about to be reborn. In my next post I will go through the list and find a way to eliminate or control the feelings, emotions of each. Giving each one it’s own post. So if you suffer from depression, join me in the journey to living a happy and productive life.