Are We Guinea Pigs?

It seems that with all these viruses, we have become a civilization of Guinea Pigs. We are loosing funds to keeps our medical services. Something is not right as these things are not being taken seriously by our Government, communities. If in fact there is an outbreak, we would see an increase in medical services. Sometimes I wonder if these viruses are caused for our current wars! So they manipulate us to think something else. I’m not pointing any fingers but this does not seem right. What concerns me is that everyone is sleeping on the real issue at hand. People need to wake up and see what’s going on.

I urge my fellow bloggers to do a special post on your blog on these viruses, we need to hear the truth from around the world. This is a serious matter and we as bloggers, have the resources and responsibility to expand, reach out to our readers. We need to find out the truth and expose it to our communities. This is heartbreaking to see and hear but we need a safer, stronger community. Let’s fight to keep our medical services and fight for our rights.