Lost Childhood In A World Of Technology

What are people thinking today? Social gatherings are not being seen anymore. I remember the days when I was younger, family, friends gathered for those special reunions. Music was turned up, food on tables, dancing. We had photo sessions. Games were played or invented. Everyone actually paid attention to each other. We never had the ability to connect into cyberspace.

I remember playing basketball, baseball, stickball, hockey, riding my bicycle, roller skating, bowling. Not to forget that we played handball and dodgeball. These were activities that actually gave us the opportunities to meet new friends and build real honest relationships. We build a real network of friends where we even had opportunities to secure jobs. These connections were real, when faced with a problem, these friends were always there.

We had many choices with boardgames, lots of fun indeed. Lost childhood is what we are facing today. I remember going to the library, signing up for a card, taking out books to read, homework was done with reading projects. Writing by hand, who remembers writing a 5 page essay with a number 2 pencil? Researching was done by reading. Memories of growing up without technology at hand.

Today I write this on my tablet, forgetting what a pencil is used for, what consists of paper. Our children today are not really learning anything with technology in their hands. They get distracted very easily nowadays with an overloaded internet base. Give a child a book, have them write an essay off the contents of that book on paper with a number 2 pencil and see their reaction.

Technology is controlling our children, we need to learn how to go back in time, in order to save the future of our children. See how criminals are luring your children using the internet, take control over your children now. Get rid of the internet at home if you have children, get rid of their cellphone’s. Learn how to be a real parent. This is my reflection on the past, where we can learn in order to save our future.