Facebook Is Invading Users Privacy

Cellphones Hacked By Facebook

In the past few days, I’ve witnessed a few changes in my Facebook Fan Pages, all photos that I have uploaded to the profile was deleted by Facebook. Also noticed that they had changed and added many photos to a slide show without permission. It has been difficult to manage my own photos. Cannot delete them myself. Facebook has hacked my cellphone and has taken over what I want to post. They are posting what they want, using photos from my device. Settings on my device are set for not allowing permission to have access to my storage on my cellphone.

Facebook is also manupilating all uploaded post. They delete any post without permission.


Facebook Fan Page Likes Don’t Work

Facebook is having major technical issues with they’re fan pages. The like button will not show anyone that clicks on it. It appears that the stats stays the same. This is a real concern because I’m trying to boost my fans. Facebook needs to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Facebook Community Silenced

Social media has changed in the past couple of years. Everyone has an account. Today I would like to touch base with Facebook.

This platform years ago was very active, now it seems that nobody is connected anymore.

Personal pages, Fan pages, groups are all inactive. This is a huge concern for everyone. Communication seems limited via this platform. Stats are slow or not moving. Members of the community are silent.

Facebook is a platform for open communication. They now have live streaming, which is awesome but the traffic is not there or people are not bothering to connect.

Our communities depend on open communication. Being active on FaceBook should be part of our daily routine.

Distance is not a factor here. We all can communicate from any part of the world.

Don’t be afraid to use your Facebook account to communicate.