Join My Group

I would like to invite everyone to join my group. It was created for my community. We can chat and bring issues into the light. Creating a network of people who are willing to make a difference in our communities is a priority. At this time we are facing a huge problem in Puerto Rico, where our communities are in need of attention. Yet, many Government officials are ignoring the call for help!

In our group, everyone can share photos, report any issues affecting your part of the community. 

Let’s bring our voices together and change the future of our communities by joining our group today! 

Hope to see everyone in the group!


A Lost Category

It has been a while since I posted here in this category. Is it possible to boost our connections worldwide? In order to bring everyone together via cyberspace, we need to build our Networks. This category has been lost. I’ve been too busy working on all Social Media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. I am hoping to boost my connections because this is vital to our extended communications. Remember to like my Facebook Page, follow me there and in all my available Social links. I will do the same for everyone who helps me out. I am going to post soon about a Follow for Follow thread on my Facebook page. This will help everyone with Social Networking. Let’s connect and follow each other via Facebook and all other platforms. Everyday, I will be updating the page and groups. I will be waiting for all to stop and click like, follow.

Who is Spying on us?

Facebook Breaks Users Privacy
Who is Spying on us?

Facebook has broken the Privacy of many users by adding this feature. This feature will pin point your exact location. It actually is a way to keep track of people. Not only will it track you down, it has access to your entire phone. Once activated it will also show your exact location in the Facebook feed. Who is Spying on us? This is a scary feature because anyone who wants to do harm, can find the person right away. Not a great thing for the safety of our family. They can also have access to your cellphones contact list, photos and much more. One of they’re messages states that if not activated many Facebook features may not work. Forcing it’s users to allow them to track you down. This should be a security concern to millions of people confronting a high rate of crime in their communities. Should this feature be completely removed from Facebook by they’re team? Our privacy is at a total risk with this feature activated. Facebook will not be responsible for a crime committed by having this feature activated or in other words, they are 100% liable for any crime committed by having this allowed!

Our safety has been compromised by a Spying feature!!

Another Glitch By Facebook – A Bloggers Worst Nightmare

Facebook seems to be changing on a constant basis without notifying it’s users. Bloggers might be wondering why they post in their blog with photos and yet these photos do not appear with the blog post on the Facebook Fan Pages. If anyone has noticed in their Facebook page, what should appear should be your profile photo. That to has been somehow deleted. Why? Why so many issues with sharing from WordPress to Facebook? This needs to get fixed because we as bloggers would like to also share photos with our main post. It has come to a point where I have stopped all together adding photos to my main post because of all the sharing errors caused by Facebook.

Do not get this wrong. The social platform is growing at a huge rate. Which is awesome for bloggers and business. There are so many options to boost your venture forward. Technical issues are a major problem with these improvements of solicitation and programs which are constantly modified or added in order to make life simpler. These glitches must be fixed. Too many errors can and will cause a company to lose its power fast. People will get tired of the same issues without any attention to them.

Technology is growing faster than its human counter part. We are not ready for advancements if our current technology has been ignored to the point that errors are occurring on a constant basis. If businesses cannot fix the current technical issues, it is a wise move not to advance to the next super innovation. Technology is not the number one source in our daily lives. We must fix and control our current issues before it is too late to get back on track.

Facebook Not Sharing WordPress Post

In many occasions Facebook has stopped posting any post from WordPress in the fan pages where they are supposed to appear. Many of my other blogs have been disconnected by WordPress. I am not sure why this happens because WordPress and Facebook do not notify me that there is a problem. I find out when I post, check my fan page for each blog. This is not good at all. Facebook and WordPress need to take care of this issue because I cannot continue to disconnect accounts, reconnect every time they decide to mess with my settings. I’ve been spending more time trying to fix this issue, then spending time writing. It is not convenient at all. This is time-consuming.

Back To The Drawing Board 

A few hours ago my wife received a message from Facebook that stated an alert concerning a photo of a logo for our sites, mind you that the drawings came from a FREE site to create logos. If it was free, then how come Facebook took it down, stating that the author claimed it as their own?

FREE does not really mean FREE! 

So we had to change everything concerning our icons and will be working extra hours on creating our unique logos from scratch with original photos taken from our 📷. 

I do hope that this does not happen again with our own photos. At this point in time, we are really frustrated with this situation. 

We will​ also be taken our own photos for upload here in our blogs. It is best to take or create your own photos from scratch. Avoid a headache and stress. 

Back to the drawing board! 

Extra Facebook Widgets Added

I’ve added various Facebook widgets to my sidebar. These widgets are ny other Facebook fan pages that I administer. Feel free to follow me on those pages. Your support will be appreciated very much. There are a few other links that need to be added. I will be working on the pages on a daily basis via our other blogs. Once again thank you all for stopping by my blog and showing support.

In order to see all the available widgets on my sidebar, you must scroll all the way down the page.