Live Streaming Coming Soon

I am still in the process of Vlogging. Working on my YouTube channel has been a very long mission. One of the major issues here has been the lack of electricity. The electrical service keeps shutting off. The other issue is lack of proper equipment for working on a video project. The only thing with access is my cellphone. Yes; it’s a real challenge using my cellphone. What are your thoughts about going live vs recording video?

It seems that going live on Facebook, Periscope would be convenient for me as a blogger. I want to expand my Thoughts and Views via live broadcast. Even though that my original project is recording video for YouTube. Either way I am working on both the YouTube and Periscope, Facebook Live options. Right now I am thinking of starting with Periscope as I am still working on my self-confidence to go in front of the camera.

The future is in Live Streaming.

So, I do want to expand my blogging to that platform. I am not going to give up on my writing to proceed with live streaming. The live streaming will be associated with this blog 100%. Of course that I will be mixing some entertainment as well. Blogging has become my passion. This live streaming will be the next step for my blogging business. Once the electricity is established, everything will fall in its place.

Today, it is a slow day, trying to put everything in order. The adventures continue. Let’s see what happens next. If you like what I write in this blog, feel free to like, follow my Facebook fan page. Feel free to share any post via the social media links listed here under the post. It will be appreciated very much.

Have an awesome day!!


Another Glitch By Facebook – A Bloggers Worst Nightmare

Facebook seems to be changing on a constant basis without notifying it’s users. Bloggers might be wondering why they post in their blog with photos and yet these photos do not appear with the blog post on the Facebook Fan Pages. If anyone has noticed in their Facebook page, what should appear should be your profile photo. That to has been somehow deleted. Why? Why so many issues with sharing from WordPress to Facebook? This needs to get fixed because we as bloggers would like to also share photos with our main post. It has come to a point where I have stopped all together adding photos to my main post because of all the sharing errors caused by Facebook.

Do not get this wrong. The social platform is growing at a huge rate. Which is awesome for bloggers and business. There are so many options to boost your venture forward. Technical issues are a major problem with these improvements of solicitation and programs which are constantly modified or added in order to make life simpler. These glitches must be fixed. Too many errors can and will cause a company to lose its power fast. People will get tired of the same issues without any attention to them.

Technology is growing faster than its human counter part. We are not ready for advancements if our current technology has been ignored to the point that errors are occurring on a constant basis. If businesses cannot fix the current technical issues, it is a wise move not to advance to the next super innovation. Technology is not the number one source in our daily lives. We must fix and control our current issues before it is too late to get back on track.

Facebook Fan Pages Are A Great Way To Boost Your Blog Traffic

It is important to have a Facebook fan page dedicated to your blog. But we know for a fact that bringing traffic to that page takes a lot of work. Indeed we have come to a point where we do need to advertise, promote our page in other Social Media accounts. It’s not easy at all but we need to do it. One way to boost our traffic to our fan page is by cross promoting it in our blogs. I am going to promote my fan page here and would appreciate it if everyone gave a “LIKE” this will provide me with a feedback as well as traffic. Everyone who likes my fan page will automatically receive a “LIKE” back to your fan page. We do need to help each other out here. So go ahead and click that like on my fan page.

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