Join My Group

I would like to invite everyone to join my group. It was created for my community. We can chat and bring issues into the light. Creating a network of people who are willing to make a difference in our communities is a priority. At this time we are facing a huge problem in Puerto Rico, where our communities are in need of attention. Yet, many Government officials are ignoring the call for help!

In our group, everyone can share photos, report any issues affecting your part of the community. 

Let’s bring our voices together and change the future of our communities by joining our group today! 

Hope to see everyone in the group!


Group Participation Should Be A Priority

Many people are so consumed by the Social networks that their daily lives are run by the internet. This causes everyone to stay out of touch with reality. In fact everyone belongs to so many groups, especially on Facebook, they do forget one thing. How to participate with the group members. Groups are created for the community. Many groups have rules for a reason and others are open to discussion. There is a specific reason for joining the groups. The best way to stay on top of each group is by activating the notification settings, so that you can receive updates every time a member adds something to the group. It does help if everyone is active, so that the group can build what it was meant in the first place. So, if you belong to a Facebook group. Take an hour and look through your list. check the setting for notifications. Start a conversation by saying Good Morning. Be active! If you are on a Facebook Fan Page, there is a way to join its group. Simply go to the list of pages to find groups or click on the pinned post. Most pages do pin the groups for everyone to join.

Good Luck and Let’s get active in these groups!

Special Invitation To My New Facebook Group – Everyone Is Welcomed To Join

I would like to invite everyone to my new Facebook group, that is connected with this blog as well as the blogs Facebook Fan Page. This group was created to open up our communications more, we can learn from each other, share information. I will be adding Administration updates on the page and sharing it with the group. This group has no rules. All I ask is for simple respect to all members and administrators.

Here is the link to the group. I do hope to see everyone in the group, as we are here to Network.

Join Group Here

Group Name is Thoughts and Views…

FREE In Puerto Rico Destroys The Economy and Our Daily Living

Facebook has been filled with people giving away items and asking for free stuff. This FREE is what is causing a dramatic hit in our economy. It has become very difficult to place items for sale these days. It is not right when there are people in need of a financial boost and these people who are destroying these sales are out like bandits in the night. In my sales group we do not give items aways or ask for FREE stuff. We need to get out of our financial crisis and that is why we are selling items. This practice needs to be stopped already in order for those selling can actually make a sale.

Our daily living has become harder due to the FREE mentality. We have bills to pay, rents to pay on a monthly basis, we need food on the table. Puerto Rico has become a land of the FREE! 

Everyone here wants services and items all for FREE in this island that is in need of a financial boost. In other words, my people want things without working hard for it period. This will keep Puerto Rico under a severe financial crisis if the Puerto Ricans do not stop with the FREE and start paying what is due for Goods and Services.

Education In Puerto Rico Is Not A Priority

Puerto Rico is suffering from lack of education, this is due to the fact that our people do not pay attention in class. I run a few groups on Facebook with heavy breathing because in these groups I have rules that need to be followed. But looking deep into the situation, nobody wants to agree to the rules or even bother to read them. I also have instructions so that the group can be well-organized. Yet; nobody seems to care, meaning breaking all the rules and avoiding what I have put out there to keep things in order. I am realising that education is not a priority for my fellow Puerto Ricans.

This is a huge problem because nothing gets done in time. Following orders seems very hard for people. Some people do pay attention and are doing things right but the majority think that they are the ones Administrating the groups. I do hope that they will start reading the rules soon. RULES ARE RULES! IM THE BOSS IN MY GROUP!!!

By the way I have added the Facebook page, feel free to give us a “LIKE”, it will be appreciated very much. The name of the page is called (SE VENDE TODO SIN IVU).

Random Thoughts – 7 Day Challenge (Day 4)

Today has started on a wrong note

The laptop battery has decided to say goodbye. I have to replace the battery and the power supply as well. With the weekend almost here it will be impossible to place an order right now, so I am going to wait until Monday. To complicate matters more, we are talking about my wifes laptop, she has had this laptop for so many years and it runs like new, In matter of fact we share this laptop for everything. Talking about a challenge jajaja. My wife means a lot to me, so I am going to place that order as soon as possible.

Ok, this may seem odd but the battery light turned on, its green again. This saves us so much time and energy because we have so much to get done. Hope everyone is doing great. It has been 4 days already since I started this challenge. I have three days left and have been feeling motivated, even though that I am still on recovery. This has been a crazy challenge for me because its my random thoughts that I am posting. Well; I am headed to eat something and help my wife around the house as well as add some stuff to our Facebook group for sale.

Remember Always Smile and Stay Positive 



Facebook has so many features, with the ability to create a home page, group page and a fan page. There are also options that can be used to your benefit, like notification settings, which I have seen so many users posting on group pages on how to set it up. I have been on Facebook for so many years and have seen so many changes. But this one is so easy to understand. Today I am going to focus on just one issue because there is so much to talk about within this area of Social Media.

Let’s talk about Facebook Fan pages vs Personal pages

There is nothing wrong with having a personal page, one that can be used for connecting family and friends. There you can post all your personal daily rants, photos, etc to share among your friends and family. There are a number of reasons why you should never “Mix” your personal life with your business.¬†

  1. Your bottom line gets affected
  2. Trust issues arise
  3. Client Confidence gets affected
  4. Less Traffic for your sales or business
  5. It does not give you a professional look
  6. Your personal life can bring lots of negative issues
  7. No business person likes to do business from a personal page

Fan Pages

Fan pages are awesome for a business presence on the Social network,¬†why? Because you create a list of fans, which may turn into clients in the future.¬†The “Likes” grow as more people come to your page. Once you create your Fan page, you then need to focus on creating content that focuses on your business. ¬†Play around with the page, add photos, be creative, bring your likes into your world and see for yourself that this works.¬†Remember,¬†separate¬†your Fan Page from your personal page.¬†You can also integrate your Fan page with WordPress by adding the Facebook widget.

Results happen when you create a world that is unique to everyone else. That is why successful people have gotten to where they are now. You need to focus on your business with a business attitude and leave your personal life on the side line in order to see progress with your business.

Remember Always Smile and Stay Positive