Donations Are Needed 

We are running short on food here. Our current financial situation has been deplited. Jobs at this point are very limited. Trying to work on commission has been rough. The current status with the electricity has put a huge dent in our pockets. 

 Who is willing to give me a hand? 

At this time, I am currently asking for donations via PayPal due to the current situation here. I’m trying to stay connected in order to keep blogging. I have decided to turn my blogging into a full time job. Your donations will help me by purchasing food, rent and Internet as well as the maintenance of this blog. 

I’m going to work as hard as I can to bring more detailed information about my community and it’s progress. $1.00 can go along way. I believe in my followers, fellow bloggers. Please help me out! 

We have been struggling since Hurricane Maria hit our island. It has not been easy to survive in total darkness. I will appreciate your help in this matter. 

SOS From Puerto Rico!!! The donations link is on the blogs sidebar. Please feel free to help!!


Trying To Regain Control 

The struggle continues in Puerto Rico. It has become very difficult to secure any type of work due to the loss of Electricity and the limited access to the internet. I’m feeling disappointed because I have not seen any type of financial support from anyone. A small donation via PayPal can help me very much. This situation has brought me to a negative. Since I do not have access to an electrical plant, all my current income for rent, Internet has gone towards eating out. This situation needs to stop. Rent must be paid, Internet must be paid as well. Income has been limited at this time. I’m asking everyone who has access to PayPal to be kind enough to donate what you can. I’m actually going to appreciate all the donations. 

Right now I’m in the process of trying to get back to blogging. Your donations will help me get back on track. I will be updating via my Facebook page with evidence of the current situation. Puerto Rico has been put on standby because of the local AEE not providing timely service to all the island. The donation link can be found on the sidebar under Hurricane Relief Fund. All donations go directly to my personal account. Thanks! 

Saturday Morning Insomnia 

Good Morning everyone.. 

It’s Saturday already. Time is going by too fast. It has been a long night for me. I’ve been updating my blog, making some important adjustments. I’ve been thinking about upgrading my blog plan. Right now I’m struggling with the Free account. I’m actually thinking of the Premium plan because I need to open up my doors to success. The Premium plan has more to offer at this point. The only way that I can upgrade is by having my Visitors donate to help me buy a coffee. Your donations will provide me with reorganizing my blog. This way I can bring more interesting articles that will be of interest to everyone. Any donation amount will be helpful via PayPal. 


Help Me Buy Coffee To Keep Me Going

Coffee To Start My Journey!

I have come along way on my journey with this blog. The battles have not been easy. Struggling is all part of life. I know I have not posted any photos, that is because I am very unique and like my photos with details and original. As you all know, this blog is about my thoughts, views, advice and local news. During the past year my health has not been 100%, the economy here in Puerto Rico is a mess. This puts a strain on my goals. Sometimes I have felt like giving up but I cannot give up, I need to keep moving forward. Right now I have taken a few steps back, so I can recover 100% from my operation. The problem now is my hearing, I lost my hearing at the hospital and have been struggling to gain it back. This situation puts a hold on my work activities. Right now I am trying to maintain focus on my blog. Due to this crisis I am obligated to turn my hobby of writing into a full-time job but without a schedule.

This is such a battle because the internet is full of “How to make money from blogging” but I have not been succesful. I enjoy writing, spreading my personal thoughts, views with everyone. I would like to know if there are kind people with a real heart who would be willing to help me out. I have added a Buy me Coffee link under my photo. I would appreciate your donations so that I can keep moving along my journey. I am trying to stay up to date with a few post daily but my other errands keep me a bit disconnected. These funds for coffee will help me a lot as I am struggling here day by day. My followers, visitors are all special to me and I do appreciate your support. I will be posting more often soon, I just need to get my extra cup of coffee to keep going.  Right now I am working on content, its not easy but im getting there.


Where can I find a legit Sponsor or get some donations?

I really need a legit company who is willing to help me grow my blogging and video projects. I want to expand my blog and set up a better computer for blogging. I also need some equipment and software so that I can start my videos. I am looking into adding LiveStream to my blog. Setting up a small studio in my apartment would help me a lot. I am looking to do this full time. If you can help me, I would appreciate it. I will add a banner to advertise your business for 12 months if you can sponsor me. I need atleast $25k to get this project moving. I only accept PayPal. If not you can donate to my PayPal @ Please help me if you can. Thank You

Service Payment Site : Facebook Page Update

Please donate here:

Goodmorning everyone. I would like to know if you can help me.  I am looking to build this site as one of many full time jobs. I would like to buy a domain, etc and would like your help with a small donation.  I do want to dedicate more time here, because I enjoy writing. I do have so much in my hands that I also need a laptop, so that I can give my wifes laptop back. She is also a blogger.

Your donations would help a lot as this is the only thing I have to support my family while I am in recovery. Please be kind to give me a hand if you like my writing. Your support means so much for me. In return I will mention your blogs in my future post. Above is the link to make a donation. Every penny counts a lot in my situation.
Thank You

Remember Always Smile and Stay Positive