The Battle Continues In Puerto Rico Over The Economical Crisis

Another day in paradise with more crisis than usual. It seems that people here have zero knowledge of how to solve anything. The current debt has to be paid but our people are paying the ultimate price. Puerto Rico residents are suffering. 

It’s understandable that cuts and sacrifice are essential for a reason but hurting people in the long run is not acceptable. 

  • Rents are high
  • Electricity is high
  • Water is high
  • Food is high
  • Gasoline is high

There is absolutely no way that raising everything will bring back normality into our communities. We are facing a huge financial strain that is affecting people emotionally. Puerto Ricans needs to learn how to balance books without having to cut into our lives. 

Health care is on a negative balance, Security is bien ignored, jobs are hard to find. We are looking at an empty island. The struggle here is real. We live day by day trying to figure out where to find the next dollar to pay our monthly bills. 

If only our friends abroad would actually do something to give us a hand financially, things here would change for the better.