Volunteering Is Something Nobody Does Anymore

I was a volunteer fireman for my community. Never got paid but I learned so much in return for my dedication to my department and community. My community meant so much to me. When that pager when off because of an alarm activation, all I can think about was to stop what I was doing and immediately attend to the call. This was my life as a fire fighter and a community member. It is sad that today people will not move a finger unless money was involved. Our communities need each other, especially in bad times. I’ve seen people protest but with violence, this is not the way to make a difference in our community.

Volunteering to help someone in need should come with no compensation in return. We are responsible for our actions and our future. It is hard to see people suffer while others just stand back and look at the situation without coming to assist. Many people are in need of clothing, food and some financial assistance. When I go shopping, all I can think about is the people in desperate need of assistance.

Living in a world where volunteering is a necessity in hard times, people just take advantage of the situation. Go ahead and do some volunteer work. It helps you and it helps others in times of need. We are a community full of intelligent people.

Volunteer to help someone in need today!