Bloggers Are The Last Stand Within The Community

Schools are supposed to be a safe place to learn something new in life. These days, we are seeing a rise in School shootings. Our safe place has turned into a war zone. The solutions to today’s problems are actually going to cause more harm than good. Arming teachers is the most ridiculous solution coming from our very own Government. Teachers are under paid, they work in an uncontrolled environment. They always put themselves on the front line, pay checks are used for books and materials. At this time, teachers should have access to all the necessary materials, extra staff to handle all situations within the working enviroment. They do not need GUNS!
Our society has been broken. In fact today’s generation does not care about education. They care about idols, video games and drugs. We live in a totally different world. Things have changed. Our politicians are manipulated by MONEY. Which means that the poor has no voice in any matter concerning our future. Keep in mind that the main stream media has been manipulating all the news coming from all these events. As you can see, they do not interview anyone. The main stream media already has a team of so-called witnesses to interview.
This is one reason why our voices are not heard, We need to bring more Bloggers to the table in order to provide legit news. News that really matters, It is time to bring real change for our communities. The poor has zero voice when it comes to important matters. I would urge all Bloggers from around the United States, Puerto Rico and the world to add a local news category to their blog. Report on the real news concerning your community.
We are the last stand for the poor people in our community. Let’s start supporting what really matters for the sake of our future.