Bloggers Have A Responsibility To Boost Information

Our Communities security are falling apart. It is our duty as bloggers to boost information that would help with coming up with solutions to restore our Communities security. This is something that has been overly ignored by our local Government. Funds are not going into programs which can drastically improve our Communities security and efforts. 

People claim that people kill people with guns but if those guns were not in the wrong hands, crime would drop drastically. Our youth has been ignored to the point where they seek the streets for guidance, not realizing that the street does not care at all about them. 

When will bloggers unite and discuss these issues on they’re blog? It is time to concentrate on our security. Going out has become a challenge because we have to keep pacing ourselves under the context of insecurities. 

We know for a fact that the mainstream media is divided. Information from these sources are never 100% legit. They focus on dividing our Communities. As Bloggers, we write, we post information in order to bring our communities together, in Peace and Harmony. I’m going to be honest. Living in todays time has become quite a huge problem. 

Remember that our youth has nowhere to go. They are being ignored by our ignorance. They will seek the streets for guidance, instead of our parents or community reach programs.

With zero programs, our youth will continue to be lost and commit all sorts of crime, against people who are against them. It’s time to reach out to our lost part of our communities. 

It is not only our youth that needs attention. It is adults as well who have been programmed to hate and separate from our communities. Let’s find a solution in order to restore Peace in our communities. 


Our Communities Are Lost

We are programmed by fast moving, negative information. Our communities have been lost. Nobody wants to focus on the real needs. Everyone is focusing on Political craziness, in the meantime our streets are falling apart, garbage is everywhere. Our environment is being destroyed by full ignorance. 

Why are people so full of ignorance?

We have so much to look forward to and yet, people waste valuable time. Everyone is killing each other. Suicide is off the high end. This has got to STOP! There is absolutely no reason for people to be out of control. 

I’m not sure what is going on with people on a personal level but for sure our society needs more attention on Mental Health. 

United We Stand 

Our communities must unite with one common cause, to help each other grow and succeed. If we start building relationships within our communities, we will be able to take back control of our broken School System, Health Care, Security and above all create jobs. 

United We Stand. I’m a blogger from Puerto Rico and would like to see people at ease. No more hatred among each other. We might be from different countries but we suffer from the same pain. We share this Earth, we breath the same air. 

Even if it takes one person at a time. We can make a huge difference in our lives by being kind to each other. Bring peace among our communities. 

Help your neighbor. It’s about giving your time to someone who is in need. 

Let’s Clean Up Our Planet

Today is earth day. It is a day to reflect on our past because we are actually causing problems to our environment. Our health is at risk and so is our resources for food. Our oceans are being destroyed, Communities are filled with garbage. 

We need to form more groups within our Communities in order to start cleaning up our garbage. Planting trees also benefits our environment, we can have more accessible oxigen, cutting back on toxins that we currently breath. 

Let’s start building a community of responsible people. Let us take care of our planet.

Clean Up your Communities… 

Bullies Are Everywhere – Always. Causing Problems

Our communities are facing huge problems with bullies. Nothing will change because everyone is focused on other Issues. Bullies insult, push and even beat up people. They steal as well. Will charges ever be brought up upon a bully? 

Promoting Violence With Toy Guns Is Our Communities Fault 

This is exactly what is wrong with society. We are causing our own problems with violence because violence is being promoted. Change your children’s toys and you will see a dramatic change in how they react with people. 

Everyone Is In A Long Term Relationship With Hatred

Of course it’s completely upside-down. We are in a long term relationship with hatred. People need help with securing their own agenda. There are too many complaints but no action. It amazes me how much easier it would be if people started focusing more on their own family and start focusing more on their financial situation, instead of pointing fingers at others. 

We need more Peace in our communities. It’s all up to us to start changing how we think. Especially about others and ourselves.