Another Day In Paradise

Well it seems that I’m the official bodyguard for my neighbors, they are addicted to the Casino. I don’t play because I have other responsibilities with money that comes in. My neighbors have a Gambling problem. They are always betting on something. All they want is to win but cannot accept responsibility when they loose. It is hard to imagine because according to our local news, our Country is broke. Again people here do things backwards. 

My neighbors are great people. They are there in good and bad times. When they ask for a favor to accompany them anywhere, my wife and I never say no. These are neighbors who actually go out of their way to feed us as well. They give us access to transportation. 

Well tonight is their night once again. I’m going to spend time with them at the Casino​. I enjoy the night out. It gives me room to actually breath, taking a break from Stressful situations. 

Another Day In Paradise!