Help Me Buy Coffee To Keep Me Going

Coffee To Start My Journey!

I have come along way on my journey with this blog. The battles have not been easy. Struggling is all part of life. I know I have not posted any photos, that is because I am very unique and like my photos with details and original. As you all know, this blog is about my thoughts, views, advice and local news. During the past year my health has not been 100%, the economy here in Puerto Rico is a mess. This puts a strain on my goals. Sometimes I have felt like giving up but I cannot give up, I need to keep moving forward. Right now I have taken a few steps back, so I can recover 100% from my operation. The problem now is my hearing, I lost my hearing at the hospital and have been struggling to gain it back. This situation puts a hold on my work activities. Right now I am trying to maintain focus on my blog. Due to this crisis I am obligated to turn my hobby of writing into a full-time job but without a schedule.

This is such a battle because the internet is full of “How to make money from blogging” but I have not been succesful. I enjoy writing, spreading my personal thoughts, views with everyone. I would like to know if there are kind people with a real heart who would be willing to help me out. I have added a Buy me Coffee link under my photo. I would appreciate your donations so that I can keep moving along my journey. I am trying to stay up to date with a few post daily but my other errands keep me a bit disconnected. These funds for coffee will help me a lot as I am struggling here day by day. My followers, visitors are all special to me and I do appreciate your support. I will be posting more often soon, I just need to get my extra cup of coffee to keep going.  Right now I am working on content, its not easy but im getting there.