Time Is Never On Our Side – Stressful Indeed

Everytime that we decide to change something in our lives, time seems to catch up. This puts a complete set of new problems to manage. Time is never on our side.

We have 24 hours in a full day but really 8 hours to get things sorted out. Meaning, these eight hours need to be filled with Productivity. 

How do we change this? 

We change this by having a list for things to do. 


Prioritising the most important things. 

Adjusting Schedules 

Our schedules need adjusting all the time in order for us to get back on track. 

Keeping Track Of Time

This one is simple. We need to learn how to keep track of our time. If we wake up at 4am, this is our starting time for the day. 

Releasing stress is simple! Fix your schedule so that it fits your daily plans.