Almost Back To The Blogging World

It’s raining here in Puerto Rico. Plans must change due to the current weather condition. I’ve been out of touch with blogging due to all medical updates and business projects, which have been controlling my schedule. This month has been hectic for sure. I am hoping to ease up on these appointments so that I can get back to blogging. Let’s see what happens in the next few days. I do hope everyone is doing great!


What A Busy Weekend

I’ve spent this entire weekend updating my blogs, working on my Facebook groups, pages. I’m feeling a bit burned out but it’s worth it. I’m actually adding a few more blogs in order to maintain a direct connection with my other Facebook Pages. I’m looking to keep all pages separate from the main blog. Each page has it’s very own blog. This is a new adventure. I need to keep moving forward. Anyway back to the drawing board. I have to finish these updates before sunrise. 

Blogging Opens Up Many Doors

Have you ever felt like your voice needs to be heard? Do you like to write? Then blogging is the answer you’re looking for. Blogging is like writing in a personal diary. The only this that makes it different is the privacy settings, you can have your blog set to private or public. Writing is a great way to express your thoughts, your feelings and share valuable information. But sometimes blogging takes a toll on the mind. We might see a blank screen and wonder what we are going to write. It does get frustrating at times because a whole day can go by without any content being posted. I write to express myself and share information that comes my way as I go through the day. Sometimes I do not post for a few days. We do have other important things to take care of at home. Our health is also a priority. Life is too hectic these days. If your looking to express yourself. Open up a free account here with WordPress. There is always a door open. Take advantage of your talents and expressions.

Updated My Blog

It has been such a roller coaster lately. I have updated my widgets. Reordering them for easier access. Some widgets stayed in the same position. The header was changed for now until I take a photo and upload it. The page section stayed the same for now. I have to figure out what to add. You will see the PayPal (Buy Me A Coffee) link way on top of the widget sidebar. If anyone is willing to be kind and help me by sending me at least $1.00 to buy me a coffee. This will help maintain my sanity so that I can bring you more interesting content. It will be much appreciated. I will be up and running shortly as I have to get a few things done.

Blog Needs Improvement

I’m going to start making some necessary improvents on my blog. The banner needs to be changed. I’m​ thinking about reordering the side widgets. Let’s see what I can come up with today to improve my blog and it’s navigation. Pages might be updated as well. Anyway I’m heading to the kitchen, I’m hungry!

I will be blogging in a few today. 

Sharing Option Keeps Disconnecting

I’m not sure what is going on with WordPress but the Sharing option will not share any post. It keeps disconnecting from all the available accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). These accounts are acting up lately. I have to reconnect every time that I log into WordPress. Google+ keeps changing my settings from Public to private as well. Technical issues should be a priority for these companies if they want to keep a steady flow of income and clients. I am not upset but concerned at how many times I’ve been disconnected from sharing my post. Enough is Enough!! I am sure that this can be fixed as soon as possible. Please bring back the sharing option to normal.






It’s The Weekend

So far the day has gone by smoothly. No complaints at all. I am trying to gather some money to purchase the power supply to the computer. I have managed to find one that works but belongs to a printer that I might need in the near future.  I searched through eBay and found a few that interest me to this point. I have to wait until the funds are acquired in order to purchase. The weather today has been very hot and humid. Very sticky, feels like the sun is at my door step. Been drinking lot’s of cold water to keep hydrated. Our health is a priority. Taking it easy this weekend because come Monday, it is another start of the process of achieving my goals. I’ve learned to be content with what is in my present, even though I need a better future. Living in Paradise does take a toll on your over health but I am a fighter. I keep going until the job gets done.

I am not involved in any negative circles. Leaving room for more positive vibes in my life. Of course it will take a lot of patience but I’m confident that I will succeed. This blog is my public diary in which I share my thoughts and views with everyone. Without this blog I would not be able to confront all of the thoughts and views that come my way in a very specific manner. Writing has become a therapy without a therapist. Letting all the bad and good to be released into cyberspace.