Blog Needs Improvement

I’m going to start making some necessary improvents on my blog. The banner needs to be changed. I’m​ thinking about reordering the side widgets. Let’s see what I can come up with today to improve my blog and it’s navigation. Pages might be updated as well. Anyway I’m heading to the kitchen, I’m hungry!

I will be blogging in a few today. 


Can You Buy Me A Coffee? 

I’ve updated my blog with a PayPal button (Buy Me A Coffee). This Widget will allow my visitors to help me with a small donation, so that I can bring the best of my Thoughts and Views to the world wide web. My main focus is on my visitors and fellow bloggers, local community. 

Blogging has become Part of my daily routine. Every donation will be appreciated very much. I’m a struggling blogger with a mission to seek the truth. Please be kind enough to buy me a coffee if you enjoy my writing. 


Follow My Blog Via Email

Everyone can follow my blog by just adding their email where it says Enter your email address and click follow. This can be done via the sidebar on my blog. Go ahead and follow me for additional updates on my latest post.   

It’s Been A Few Days Since My Last Post 

Actually I’ve been trying to catch up on some personal issues affecting my health and household. I’m trying to get back on track with Blogging but my personal life has some important things that need attention. 

I will be coming back soon. Just stopped by to update everyone on why I have not blogged in a few days. 

My wife has not been feeling well, so I’ve been taking care of her as well. I’m going to start focusing once again on my blog.  Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. 

When You Spend The Night Without Sleep 

My fellow bloggers, friends and visitors. Just to recap on my other post ( It’s Saturday ) not Sunday. This happens because of lack of sleep. I left the house at 10pm and got home at 5am. It was a long night. Please disregard the error from my first post today. My biological clock is skipping. But I’m ok. I will be trying to catch up on a few more hours of sleep. I will be back soon. 

Special Thank You 

Im very happy to have reached 1 thousand likes on my blog. This would not occur without everyones dedication here. So im going to celebrate and dedicate this post to everyone who has supported me all throughout my mission. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. This bad Weather has turned into a better day with news. Once again Thank You.

Good Morning Everyone

Today is a great start for a new, productive day. Right now im running errands. Im going to start my new project soon. Things are looking great so far. On another note, this spell checker likes to change the words that we write, causing huge set backs. I will be coming back with more content soon.