It’s Friday 

Good morning everyone. 

The weekend has arrived. We are currently recovering slowly. Blogging has become a very long, slow process due to lack of Electricity. Above all this craziness, we are moving forward. It’s a beautiful day indeed. Let’s enjoy the start of the weekend with a positive attitude. 


Tuesday Morning – Time To Run Errands

Good morning everyone..

It’s time to run errands today. It is a beautiful day indeed. Remember that you are unique and special person. Always Smile and Stay Positive. 

Beach Weather – Despite News Reports About Heavy Rain 

It has been a long time since I visited the beach. This weather forecast has been great to head out and have some fun. Since there were reports of heavy rain today, I decided to stay indoors. 

I got some important things done anyway. It is time to keep going. In fact it is time for yet another round of Bingo. 

Beautiful Day Indeed

Today has been a beautiful day. The weather is cool, the clouds are blocking the sun. Nice weather to run errands. 

Today I will be working on another broadcast. This will be updated today. I do hope that everyone has a wonderful day.