AEE Irresponsable In The Recovery Of Our Electrical System

Dangerous Situation Ignored By AEE
Our community has been devastated by Hurricane Maria. Yet, the local AEE, Government has ignored the dangerous Situation involving electrical Cables. Magnolia Gardens, Bayamón, Street 17 R27 has down cables, putting residents in clear and present danger. The local AEE will not fix the issue, unless residents write a report with local Authorities. We are living in an emergency. Who will come and fix this problem? There are children living in this community and the street is very dark at night, making it impossible to see this down cable.

Residents In Total Agony 

Many residents in Bayam√≥n Puerto Rico are still suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The local AEE ( Autoridad de Energ√≠a El√©ctrica) has not till this day establish service.  One of the areas affected is Urb Magnolia Gardens Bayamon. Many children, elderly, patients with medical needs live in this area and yet since Hurricane Maria, have not received any response from the local AEE. The main question here is simple! When will Urbanizaci√≥n Magnolia Gardens Bayamon receive Electricity?