Bad Management Causes More Damage Than Good

The current Control board in Puerto Rico has ruined our communities. They are cutting jobs, closing Schools, getting rid of medical insurance. Our police departments are in need of equipment. Fire department needs better equipment, EMS needs better service. This country is falling apart because of the unfair practice in our Government. 

They want the money that is due but are cutting jobs, closing Schools. It does not make any sense at all. The only way to reach out to the community is by boosting education, keeping our health care insurance, making sure that our communities have enough emergency services. 

Jobs create income, in return we can pay what is owed. Playing with the Mental Health and health of our society is wrong. We need to open more local Businesses in our communities in order to control our present financial status. 

When we open more businesses, we create opportunities for employment. Puerto Rico needs business partners from around the world. We need to boost tourism. 

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island. Let’s take care of it and boost our sales in order to get out of the Economical Crisis.