Facebook – The Silent Network

Facebook has come to a new era with the ease of groups, fan pages, regular page. It has improved with live videos. Facebook has connected millions of people from around the world. You can add friends to follow their news feed. 

But it has its drawbacks. It seems that people are or have become antisocial. Facebook also has the ease to send private messages. Nobody wants to take advantage of this platform. Most of the actual activity is found in public pages, like the news. 

That is fine but we all need to connect on a personal level if your on a friend’s list. Communication has been lost. When questions are posted on the Facebook Page, we expect a reasonable response. 

Are people afraid to answer these questions? Engagement is crucial for success. So, it is a really good idea to be active on these pages. 

We as Bloggers need to ask questions in order to find information that can lead to a solution. Our society has been lost in the abyss of total darkness. 

I do hope that everyone can start participating in groups and pages on Facebook. This society needs to learn how to be more open with communication.