Puerto Rico Is Recovering Slowly From Total Darkness

It has been awhile since my last update. Our situation has been on a constant rollercoaster. Many residents are still without electricity. At this point it has been very difficult to charge our cellphones. Internet service is slow but we have been working hard to maintain a connection. Food supply is stable, fuel is also stable. Life continues as we sit in total darkness for the local AEE (Autoridad de Energ铆a El茅ctrica) to reach their goal and give our communities Electricity. 

So, far everything has been running smoothly. Electricity has been restored in many parts of our communities, which is great news. 

Hopefully we will have a bright Christmas. 


Residents In Total Agony聽

Many residents in Bayam贸n Puerto Rico are still suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The local AEE ( Autoridad de Energ铆a El茅ctrica) has not till this day establish service.  One of the areas affected is Urb Magnolia Gardens Bayamon. Many children, elderly, patients with medical needs live in this area and yet since Hurricane Maria, have not received any response from the local AEE. The main question here is simple! When will Urbanizaci贸n Magnolia Gardens Bayamon receive Electricity? 

Puerto Rico In Total Blackout

Well, today we got hit with a blackout throughout the island. What else can go wrong in a current crisis? The local AEE (Autoridad de Energ铆a El茅ctrica) has been working hard to restore service. Hoping for a full recovery with our communities electrical crisis. 

We Might Have Electricity Soon

This morning while browsing the local news paper, great news for Puerto Rico. We might be seeing the end of darkness soon. The local AEE is working hard to establish service to all the island. Time will tell!! 

Blackout Once Again

AEE Leaves Residents in the dark once again. There is no service in Magnolia Gardens, Bayam贸n, Puerto Rico. The heat is getting worst, as fans are not turned on due to no electricity running. When will we get the lights turned on? 

AEE Leaves Residents Under Rust聽

AEE Leaves Residents Under Rust

AEE has left the electrical system in Puerto Rico under rust, leaving many municipalities in total darkness. On a constant basis, you see lights flickering, a boom sound in the street, then the lights go off. This is a serious situation because people are and can lose food, electronics get damaged. Mind you, the intense of the heat wave in a house or apartment with no fan or air-conditioning. Many people have family members on oxygen. Can the executives of the AEE take more responsibility over the maintenance of the system? This is an ongoing debate in Puerto Rico. A serious situation that needs attention!